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Super Junior - Kangbum. G. Drabble.
"No one would believe me if I said he was stronger than me."

A/N: o___o This was hard. And it's 6AM and omg please kill me, school. Told from Kangin's POV.


No one would believe me I said he was stronger than me.

I can't count the number of times he's been my shoulder to cry one, yet I'd only have to use one hand to do the same for him.

There are times when I can't take it anymore -- this is too much, too fast, too soon. Times when everyone around me is breaking, and he's the only solid, secure foundation that I have.

Even if my unpredictable temper has flared thanks to something that doesn't even matter that much, he'll listen patiently while I mumble out complaint after complaint. Maybe even a little death threat every now and then.

Pretty soon, I'll get tired of hearing myself talk, and I'll look over to him for a reaction. He'll usually just smile (I don't need to elaborate on how amazing that single gesture is, really) and pat my right shoulder gently, just below my collarbone.

"Chin up, hyung."

Chin up, hyung. Amazing how those three little words can have so much more substance than any of my angry babble.

Maybe I just love to hear the sound of his voice that much.
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